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Linda Gondosch, Children's Author

Linda Gondosch, Children’s Author

Hello!  My name is Linda Gondosch and I’m a former teacher and the author of eleven fiction and nonfiction books for children.  I’ve spent years reading wonderful books of nonfiction as well as researching my own books.  In this blog, I will share some of the often overlooked stories of American history that I have discovered along the way.  I think you’ll find them to be fun, factual, and maybe even fascinating.  I will suggest children’s books for further reading so you and your children can learn more about a particular person or event in history,  I’ll also add a little about my own journey as a writer.

Parents and teachers, I hope you share these stories and suggested books with your children.  The more children learn about U.S. history, the more they will understand and appreciate the people and events that shaped America.  Enjoy!


Attribution: header — “Oregon Trail (Campfire)” by Albert Bierstadt (PD-US)

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